Newest Member of the American Party… she is serious and committed to the cause…a few milk bones and she is ready to pound the pavement. Ruff- Ruff-Ruff- Ruff !!!  ( Processed through the doggy translator) Make America Great Again !

Bree-Brees Important Day


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      1. Please do. Any series of courses, Hillsdale or others, is vulnerable to many distractions and over the course of a short time, the content gets put off or forgotten. The Constitution Boot Camp is just that…a LOT of information at one time.
        See Judi Caler in Nevada City. I am sending her a DVD set today. Give her some time and offer to view the DVDs with her, or order your own. Invite friends over to make it a day. We usually start at about 9am and watch the first two discs, then break for lunch with a barbeque or sandwiches. After lunch, begin the grind (ha) of watching the last two discs. At the end of the day, you will be astonished at what you have learned.

        Good luck and God speed.

        Bob Hilliard
        Buffalo, Tex.


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